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AL Gas

Al Oil & Gas is a natural gas distribution company that serves more than 1.3 million customers in a service territory that encompasses most of the key areas of Oyo State, including the city of Ibadan. AL Oil & Gas Facts and Figures:
  • We transport and store gas for nearly 200,000 commercial and industrial customers.
  • We are one of the largest natural gas distributor in Oyo State.
  • 96 percent of homes in our service territory use natural gas.
Keeping Gas Prices Down Al Oil & Gas customers are connected to a 12,000-mile distribution system that is part of a network of eight interstate pipelines. We purchase gas when it is normally less expensive and store it for use throughout the year. This helps keep our costs down and our year-round supply up. Our gas purchasing strategies, coupled with our underground storage facilities, ensure that Al Oil & Gas customers receive reliable, competitively-priced service.
Ademola Lasisi Depot AL Gas House Adewunmi Village Olodo, Iwo Road Ibadan, Oyo State