Membership Benefits


Brief History

The Nigerian Association of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Marketers (NALPGAM) was incorporated in the year 1986. The Association is made of Indigenous private companies duly licensed by the Nigerian Midstream, Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority (NMDPRA) to operate Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) bottling plants, sales and storage in Nigeria.

Prior to 1986, foreign Oil Marketing Companies dominated the LPG market, the formation of NALPGAM opened a fresh and a new window of opportunities for indigenous players who hitherto were few and far between.  Under the NALPGAM umbrella, indigenous LPG Marketing companies found their voice and started making their own contributions to enlightened discourse on the development of the market generally and on the unique technical and other engineering details of LPG.

Benefits of Becoming a Member of the Association

a) Visibility of Association in States

The Association is currently segmented into Zones across the country with Chapters and Branches operating under the Zones for easy administration and prompt resolution of issues involving the industry and members.  Also, the state is structured to aid members’ recruitment and elicit prompt attention to issues as they affect the industry and members at state level.

b) Professional Training

The Association has a Resources Center for the training of LPG plant operators/personnel on HSE, financial and technical applications in line with the MISTDO training Modules and standards which has been made mandatory by NMDPRA as prerequisite for renewal of license and documentation.

c) Sponsorship of Retailers

The Association also sponsors the Retailers for the purpose of licensing by NMDPRA who are the nearest level to the consumers in the LP Gas distribution value chain. Our members leverage on the strength power and influence of NALPGAM’s National body, Zones, Chapters and Branches, to make their voices heard on issues in the LPG industry with the government authorities and regulators.

d) Government Liaison Committee 

NALPGAM has constituted a Technical Working Committee that interface and negotiates with regulatory bodies on behalf of its members, liaison with the Federal, Local and State Governments with regards to the imposition of levies and taxes. The Committee also provides technical advice and support to members that may be having operational difficulties. Also, plant owners and other prospects who are desirous to join the Association but face difficulty with regulatory documentation, get professional support and technical advice from NALPGAM.

NALPGAM dialogues with the government at the Federal and State level on the review of some policies which may constitute bottlenecks on the operations in the industry. The Association also works with the Federal Government on policy formulation to ensure regular and adequate supply of LPG into the domestic market.

e) NALPGAM’s Self- Regulation of Members

NALPGAM’s Technical Committee carries out periodic oversight functions on members’ plants to ensure compliance with minimum standard and identify possible lapses and recommend corrective measures to prevent regulator’s sanction. In the same light, protect the image of its members to the public and differentiate between illegal and licensed plants in case of accidents or emergencies and recommend sanctions to the ailing operators.