Objectives & Functions

The objectives and functions of the Association include the following:


  • To foster unity among its members and between it and similar organizations and institutions within the oil industry in Nigeria and abroad and also promote and protect the mutual interests of Members
  • To promote the supply and use of liquefied petroleum gas at an affordable price throughout the country.
  • To ensure strict adherence by Members to the rules and ethnics of the LPG trade, as set by the regulatory bodies and by the Association itself.
  • To make representations to Government and appropriate agencies of Government on matters within the objects of the Association or affecting or likely to affect the interest of Members.
  • To promote and encourage any technical or other form of education and research for the development of efficient employees in the LPG business.
  • To make available to Members all types of information media such as newspapers, periodicals and pamphlets for the spreading of information with respect to matters having relation to the objects of the Association.
  • To develop a data bank for LPG development in Nigeria.
  • To become a member of or to act in conjunction or affiliate with and to appoint representatives to any association, federation or union of bodies either in Nigeria or internationally or any other body whose aims or objects are consistent with those of the Association.
  • To promote, influence, modify or seek the repeal of legislative and other measures affecting or likely to affect the business of LPG or to communicate with public authorities, and with kindred bodies or organizations on all matters affecting the interest of Members and other employers of labour or entrepreneurs and to cooperate with other Association or Chambers in such matters.
  • To represent the view of Members both nationally and internationally in all matters falling within the objects or competence of the Association and to participate in boards, councils and other public bodies dealing with such and related issues.
  • To source for new technologies relevant to LPG growth and development.