About Us


The Nigerian Association of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Marketers (NALPGAM) was incorporated in the year 1986. The association is made up of indigenous private companies with operating gas bottling plants, licensed by the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) for the sale and storage of LP Gas nationwide. The association also sponsor the Retailers for the purpose of licensing by DPR who are the nearest level to the consumers in the value chain of LPG distribution and marketing.
Industry Affiliation and Partnership
NALPGAM has affiliation as well as partnership with Federal and state ministries, Government regulatory agencies, local and international LPG bodies such as Ministry of Petroleum Resources.
Our Structure
Our governing council draws on a wide spectrum of experience and knowledge, to effectively represent all members in developing strategic policies through the National secretariat and its zonal offices.

The requirement to have a formidable front for plying the LPG business pointed the way to the establishment in 1986 of the Nigerian Association of LPG Marketers (NALPGAM). Prior to 1986, foreign oil marketing companies dominated the LPG market. The formation of NALPGAM opened a fresh and new window of opportunities for indigenous players who hitherto were few and far between. Under the NALPGAM umbrella, indigenous LPG marketing outfits found their voices and started making their own contributions to the enlightened discourse on the development of the market generally and on the unique technical and other engineering details of LPG.

NALPGAM Meetings
NALPGAM meetings are held routinely and members discuss issues like the requirements of safety standards in the operation of bulk tanks and articulated trucks. Other issues that engage the attention of the Association include unfair trade tactics, touting, marketing, engineering and the environment. NALPGAM has thus become the mouthpiece of indigenous investors and entrepreneurs in the LPG industry. Parading a bright array of local entrepreneurs NALPGAM is deeply committed to the economic and social values of job creation, wealth generation and industrial growth.
As a way of making her modest contribution to the stimulation or excitement of enlightened discourse on the relevance, role and contribution of indigenous small and medium-type enterprises in the millennium, as a sine qua non for Nigeria’s overall national economic and social development. NALPGAM has continued to hold Annual General Meeting and Conferences on topical issues affecting the industries and our National life.